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About Emmi

Emmi is a colorist and stylist based in Saratoga Springs, New York.

She founded her salon, The Chain, in 2022 to make a home for herself and other driven, highly specialized stylists. Her carefully crafted custom coloring technique, coastal color, has garnered Emmi a following in Saratoga Springs and New York City, as well as international recognition and awards from some of the most influential beauty publications. Inspired by the natural dimension and sun-kissed brightness found in our hair as kids in the summertime, the technique creates a seamless gradient of thoughtfully placed highlights. Each pop of light is complemented by just the right amount of depth, curated to the specific desires of each guest while creating maximum movement throughout. The technique, paired with the perfect haircut, creates a look so effortless, they’ll never know it didn’t come naturally.


Aesthetically LA, neurotically NY.

Coastal Academy

Salon Shadow

Look and learn as my shadow for a day at my salon. Stand beside me throughout the day and get first hand experience watching my coastal color technique, from the consultation and application, all the way to the finishing style.

Watch through consultation, coastal color technique, before/after photos, and learn the tips and tricks of the business such as time management as we navigate multiple clients. Ask as many questions as you would like throughout our time together in this true working salon experience.

To inquire about a shadowing experience please contact

Private Workshop

Similar to the salon shadow experience, but catered to you and/or your party exclusively. Rather than shadowing a real, fast paced day at the salon, we will work one-on-one with each other as I take you through the specific steps of my custom coastal coloring and cutting methods. Bring your own model or mannequin in for hands-on experience.


To inquire about a private workshop please contact


On-demand videos coming soon.

To get on the waitlist please contact

Beauty Launchpad 30 Under 30

Check out the interview written up by Beauty Launchpad.

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The Chain

Featured in Roohan Realty's article spotlighting nine women-owned businesses in downtown Saratoga Springs.

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In The Press
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