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Hair Care 101: Post Wash Essentials

There are so many myths surrounding how to best care for your hair. With marketing campaigns targeting the most niche hair conditions (wtf is hair purifying and why is my hair NOT pure already?) it is hard to separate the reality of your hair’s needs from another corporate cash grab. Read on to figure out some essentials for your routine, and some harsh truths that you probably really didn’t want to hear…

Let’s get one thing out of the way: you can not mend your split ends with some kind of life changing, human race saving, cuticle sealing product. Once your ends are split, they really just have to be cut off to avoid the split traveling all the way up the strand. That being said, there are many products that will aid in strengthening your hair and making the possibility of getting split ends much less. This brings us to timeless hair essential number one: leave in conditioner.

Leave in conditioner comes in many shapes and sizes, and is a broad term that ultimately is simply referring to a product that is put on your strands post wash, that does not get rinsed out. My holy grail leave in conditioners come from Kerastase’s range of Blow Dry Primers, each targeted to your hair’s specific needs (frizz, damage control, moisture, et cetera). I love the idea of getting a heat protectant and a targeted treatment in using only one product (think work smarter not harder). Even when I have no intention of heat styling my hair, I apply these products to protect my cuticle from any other environmental or mechanical stresses, while adding moisture and shine. Apply a dime size amount to mids and ends, adjusting as needed for your length and density.

For those that need a little extra TLC like myself, finish off your post shower hair routine with some oil. A little goes a long way, and I am currently loving Olaplex No. 5. Always distribute your hair oils from mids to ends --with a greater focus on the ends. If you are like my sister, you need to be reminded of this. Aurora, if you are reading this, please stop putting hair oil on your roots. You are embarrassing me. While putting oil on your roots does no harm in any way, you will definitely be heading back to the shower to rinse once you realize how greasy and heavy your locks look. Pro Tip: add more oil to your ends on days you don't wash to keep them from drying out.

While incorporating these products into your arsenal will greatly improve your hair health, happy, healthy strands start IN the shower. Next time we’re talking about shampoo and conditioner for color longevity and growth, and why I need you to stop clarifying so often.

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