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Live and Let Dye

Okay...there is a whole lot of fuss going on in the hair world right now. New York has officially been quarantined for a month, and your roots are here loud and proud. In such an anxiety-ridden, uncertain time it really does add insult to injury to now have to be confronted by the reality of your natural hair color. So, what should you do?

I know many hair stylists across the nation have made the personal decision to supply at home coloring kits to their clients at this time. This decision itself has become a topic of contention in the industry, and I want to put my two cents in to clarify why myself and the other artists at my salon are not participating in such a program. Reminder, this is an opinion. I know a lot of reputable, well regarded stylists are partaking in this service, and to each their own. In a time of unprecedented unemployment many are not in the economic standing to decide not to, or to risk losing clients to others that may be offering an at home kit.

The sale of professional hair color to individuals without a license is not only illegal, it is incredibly unethical as a professional. While I definitely understand that putting forth effort to make clients maintain some sense of normalcy right now is important, this can be done in so many other viable and safe ways. In a perfect world I would love to be able to supply my clients with at home professional hair color, but it is not that simple. It actually really disrupts the integrity of the profession, delegitimizing what we do. You cannot just be given the supplies and be able to do your hair at home. That is not how it works, at all, and is incredibly dangerous. The advertisement of these programs makes many of us feel undervalued as industry professionals, suggesting we are interchangeable to our competitors or ultimately just a plug for the materials you cannot buy without a license.

With all that being said, there are other efforts I am ready and willing to make to help my clients feel comfortable in this time. I am available to answer any questions. I can make recommendations based on your specific hair needs, and we can brainstorm some temporary solutions. Root spray may not be permanent, but it will conceal your regrowth between hair washes and is easily accessible and applied. How about some really intentional pony tails? Y’all like hats? I’m full of ideas. As for my balayage clients, enjoy your minimally invasive regrowth in this time! I myself was already pushing this, having not been in the salon chair in upwards of 7 months. I look like Kid Rock...(Now playing the iconic High School Musical tune “We’re All In This Together”)

After having read this, if you still make the decision to purchase box color, I want you to be aware of the risks. I’m not here to crucify you over a decision you made to feel better about yourself in a really unpleasant time, but know what you’ll be dealing with on the other side of things. Boxed color is unpredictable. While your salon color is specifically formulated for your strands, that box is “formulated” for every head that walks into Target. This means you will NOT be looking like the girl posing on the front of the box when all is said and done unless she had your exact hair color, history, condition, et cetera. Also, the deposit of these colors is no joke. They are incredibly difficult to color over or lighten out of the cuticle, especially if you would like your hair to be healthy. So please, for the integrity of your hair, wait for us. If you cannot wait, come to me. I am realistic, I know hair color sales are sky-rocketing right now, and I would at least like to help you make the best informed decision you can.

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