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quarantine content?

I know I'm not alone in the feeling of general disinterest in continuing to promote myself and my business on social media right now. I mean, we're all closed, so what is the point? We've all been cooped up for weeks and I think that you care to see what kind of hair colors I can bang out? Not really.

On the other hand I have to tell myself maybe this is EXACTLY the time for self promotion... Think about it, we've never had this much free time to dedicate to a social media presence. The few minutes I used to try to squeeze in on Instagram after a long day at the salon are now literally endless (shout out to the young and childless grasping for a purpose to fill the days right now, this mainly applies to us). So, no more excuses, right?

It is seriously a gift and a curse to be able to play devil's advocate so well against yourself. So, which is it? To post, or not to post? Do we take a break now and potentially lose all of the progress our accounts have made in terms of exposure, brand recognition, and following? Or, do we keep going despite the nonsensical feeling that comes along with advertising our work at a time of unprecedented unemployment and uncertainty for the future? Also, when did everything get so serious? Is my content even worthwhile if it isn't flowing with the general color scheme of my feed or taken at a high enough resolution to make people take me seriously? I just want to show you guys off the cuff photos of my adorable dog and ALSO have Redken acknowledge my talent for color blending, is that too much to ask? How do we stand out in a field saturated with artists all struggling to push out content in a time that we really are not creating anything new? Every one and their mother has now posted some form of a styling tutorial (raising my hand acknowledging myself included), can we even think of any other avenue that has yet to be explored so heavily?

*side note* SHOULD WE BE ON TIKTOK? But I was JUST getting the hang of Instagram, damnit.

If some of these hardships resonate with you as well then I hope this post at the very least let you know that you are not alone in wondering what the right move is to make right now. If you so choose to take this time to take a step back from social media I salute you, and I've devised a list of excuses to ease any feelings of disappointment you might have in yourself for not "accomplishing enough" in this time period.

1. You want to take this time to work on something that you normally do not have the time for...for me this was baking (that is a lie I have baked one time so far)

2. Animal Crossings New Horizon (periodt)

3. This break is good for your mental health and the culture of compulsive comparison on social media

4. Your dog needs you

5. You want to lounge once in awhile and that is FINE

6. You want to do sit ups on the living room floor

The floor is now open for suggestions for any other excuses and/or arguments in favor of keeping the content coming. xx

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