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Style Watch: 2021 Hair Trends

Is it superfluous of me to begin this article with a quirky remark about the excitement we all feel as we near the death of the abominable, previously unfathomable disappointment that has been the year 2020? Let’s dive in.

While 2020 surprised us all with the ultimate “F*CK you!” to our social calendars, from it has come one of the most vibrant eras of social media. Instagram (OK, and TikTok but you guys know I refuse to acknowledge that platform) has become the ultimate vehicle for self-expression. We are able to show ourselves and the intimate details of our lives to everyone, without ever actually having to see anyone.

Now, maybe I’m a bit biased...but if social media is the vehicle for self-expression, your hairstyle is most definitely the strongest tool. While I know it sounds derivative, I stand by the notion that your hair is the accessory you wear every day. Whether 2021 allows us to come out of the warm, cozy cocoon we’ve created for ourselves throughout our quarantine adventures or not, I am confident the new year will bring forth new hair trends that are sure to keep us captivated --whether scrolling or strolling.

2021 hair trends

From the ashes of 2020 rises a series of familiar trends, only this time things are a bit different. From the predictable to the down-right offensive --think a caricature of the hairstyles you’ve come to know and love. An extremist lens is placed over all of our eyes, or for the sake of the article, our hair. Read on for a look into my crystal ball at 2021 hair predictions.

The Mullet

While this look certainly isn’t for everyone, I commend all those brave enough to dip their toes into the new chic take on tacky, eighties redneck hair. I used to picture Billy Ray Cyrus crushing a soda can on his head at the mention of a mullet --now I picture Miley Cyrus and an army of angsty E-Girls that have cool tattoos and way more Instagram followers than me.

The Shag

While a palatable version of the shag has been one of the most frequently requested cuts of recent years, this year will bring forth a dramatized version. Think Stevie Nicks’s top-heavy, bouffant Rumors era look or Farrah Fawcett’s pronounced face framing. Get on the bike with some curtain bangs, and if you’re feeling yourself, take the training wheels off and go all in.

Long Hair

While I think long hair is timeless, 2021 will see a particular influx in hyperbolically long locks. As though we’re all just flower children, but instead of doting anti-war peace and love, we are manifesting our way to Kardashian levels of hair envy.

The French Bob

In a complete juxtaposition of the last trend, the French bob is here to surprise us all. There is no room for lobs in the extremist state of 2021. We are either all in, or all out --or in this case, all OFF! Amelie, re-invented. A celebration of strong jawlines and Hepburn-esque elegance.

Natural Hair

We have all been slowly creeping away from the hyper styled looks of our pasts. We’ve made our way from defined and maniacally hairsprayed barrel curls, all the way to the loose lived in wave. 2021 will continue to edge closer to embracing our hair’s “natural” textures. The undone look becomes even more undone. Picture a half-way point between bohemian and grunge --otherwise known as Kate Moss's entire tousled aesthetic.

Did your new favorite trend make the list? Send me your own 2021 hair trend predictions.

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